(A State University Accredited with "A+" Grade [CGPA : 3.64] in 3rd Cycle by NAAC)




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1 Pre-PhD/17/0002 SARPPARAJE M English[Arts]
2 Pre-PhD/17/0003 BHONESH NARAYANI JMR Computer Science[Science]
3 Pre-PhD/17/0004 ABDUL GAFFOOR M H History[Arts]
4 Pre-PhD/17/0006 N.RENUKA English[Arts]
5 Pre-PhD/17/0007 USHA S. KULAL Library & Information Science[Arts]
6 Pre-PhD/17/0008 SATHYA BAMA N Mathematics[Science]
7 Pre-PhD/17/0009 ATHIS SHARMA A English[Arts]
8 Pre-PhD/17/0010 RAJASEKAR M Management[Management]
9 Pre-PhD/17/0011 M REKHA Computer Science[Science]
10 Pre-PhD/17/0012 BALAJI S Management[Management]
11 Pre-PhD/17/0013 VEERASELVAM Computer Science[Science]
12 Pre-PhD/17/0014 BANU PRIYA Computer Science[Science]
13 Pre-PhD/17/0016 SREEJITH NAIR Management[Management]
14 Pre-PhD/17/0017 SREEJITH NAIR Management[Management]
15 Pre-PhD/17/0018 JEYAKUMAR K Education[Education]
16 Pre-PhD/17/0019 DEEPA S Tamil[Arts]
17 Pre-PhD/17/0020 SARMILA DEVI G Tamil[Arts]
18 Pre-PhD/17/0021 SRINIVASAN K Management [Logistics Management][Management]
19 Pre-PhD/17/0022 UMA RANI T Tamil[Arts]
20 Pre-PhD/17/0024 POORNIMA DEVI English[Arts]
21 Pre-PhD/17/0025 JAGEETHA R Microbiology[Science]
22 Pre-PhD/17/0026 AMULRAJ C Physical Education[Education]
23 Pre-PhD/17/0028 FRANCIS A J Library & Information Science[Arts]
24 Pre-PhD/17/0029 L TERINA GRAZY Management[Management]
25 Pre-PhD/17/0030 RAJESH JOSEPH Management[Management]
26 Pre-PhD/17/0031 ANGELINE JENNIFER English[Arts]
27 Pre-PhD/17/0033 RAMA DEVI TARIGOPPULA Commerce[Management]
28 Pre-PhD/17/0035 REJINABEGAM . J Tamil[Arts]
29 Pre-PhD/17/0036 R.KADARKARAI RAJ Molecular Biology[Science]
30 Pre-PhD/17/0037 SUDHA Chemistry[Science]
31 Pre-PhD/17/0039 N. JEYAKUMAR Zoology[Science]
32 Pre-PhD/17/0041 VANITHA D Management[Management]
33 Pre-PhD/17/0042 G PRAVEEN KUMAR Education[Education]
34 Pre-PhD/17/0043 BOOBALAN G Education[Education]
35 Pre-PhD/17/0044 STEPHEN A Mathematics[Science]
36 Pre-PhD/17/0046 MOHAN U Computer Science[Science]
37 Pre-PhD/17/0047 SUBRAMANIAN Computer Science[Science]
38 Pre-PhD/17/0048 AROCKIA AMALI M Education[Education]
39 Pre-PhD/17/0049 PATHURU SIVA KUMAR Computer Science[Science]
40 Pre-PhD/17/0050 SARANYA J Management[Management]
41 Pre-PhD/17/0053 RAMOLINAMERI P History[Arts]
42 Pre-PhD/17/0054 JITHIN BOSCO K Bank Management[Management]
43 Pre-PhD/17/0055 A ALBIN JOHN PRADEEP English[Arts]
44 Pre-PhD/17/0056 DEVARAJ V Chemistry[Science]
45 Pre-PhD/17/0057 G.KAMESHWARI English[Arts]
46 Pre-PhD/17/0058 INDRAPANDI A Computer Science[Science]
47 Pre-PhD/17/0059 BABU B Computer Science[Science]
48 Pre-PhD/17/0060 SALINI R CHANDRAN Bank Management[Management]
49 Pre-PhD/17/0061 NAVEENKUMAR Computer Science[Science]
50 Pre-PhD/17/0063 THAVAMOORTHI Management[Management]
51 Pre-PhD/17/0066 ANNAMMAL JUSTIN MARY A Education[Education]
52 Pre-PhD/17/0068 DEVI C Computer Science[Science]
53 Pre-PhD/17/0069 CHINNAIAH K Botany[Science]
54 Pre-PhD/17/0072 DHARANI G Computer Science[Science]
55 Pre-PhD/17/0073 SHARMILA A Corporate Secretaryship[Management]
56 Pre-PhD/17/0074 ANIS FATHIMA Commerce[Management]
57 Pre-PhD/17/0075 PRABAKARAN S Corporate Secretaryship[Management]
58 Pre-PhD/17/0076 SARANYA S R English[Arts]
59 Pre-PhD/17/0077 DHEERA I V Commerce[Management]
60 Pre-PhD/17/0078 KUMAR M Physics[Science]
61 Pre-PhD/17/0080 BHOOMA English[Arts]
62 Pre-PhD/17/0082 KARTHIKEYAN R Physical Education[Education]
63 Pre-PhD/17/0083 DEVIKIRUBA B Computer Science[Science]
64 Pre-PhD/17/0088 KANIMOZHI. K Corporate Secretaryship[Management]
65 Pre-PhD/17/0089 C MONICK PRIYA Mathematics[Science]
66 Pre-PhD/17/0090 SANGEETHA R Computer Science[Science]
67 Pre-PhD/17/0091 BINEESH KUMAR M Bank Management[Management]
68 Pre-PhD/17/0092 NARESH M Botany[Science]
69 Pre-PhD/17/0093 M REKHA Bioelectronics & Biosensors[Science]
70 Pre-PhD/17/0094 SARADHA A Management[Management]
71 Pre-PhD/17/0097 ARUL PROVIN BINNY M Management[Management]
72 Pre-PhD/17/0098 SENTHILKUMAR M Library & Information Science[Arts]
73 Pre-PhD/17/0099 JOHN ANBU MANI G Bioinformatics[Science]
74 Pre-PhD/17/0106 SUNDARARAJAN S Bank Management[Management]
75 Pre-PhD/17/0107 SASIKALA R Tamil[Arts]
76 Pre-PhD/17/0108 VAIRAMUTHU K Mathematics[Science]
77 Pre-PhD/17/0110 SRINIVASAN R Physics[Science]
78 Pre-PhD/17/0112 BEKSHI VIJAYA RANI S History[Arts]
79 Pre-PhD/17/0113 AMBIGA.N Computer Science[Science]
80 Pre-PhD/17/0114 ANAND I Management[Management]
81 Pre-PhD/17/0115 NELLORE PRADEEP REDDY Biotechnology[Science]
82 Pre-PhD/17/0116 GURU ESAKKI S Mathematics[Science]
83 Pre-PhD/17/0117 DEEBARANI R Tamil[Arts]
84 Pre-PhD/17/0119 PARATHIRAJ Botany[Science]
85 Pre-PhD/17/0121 SAKTHIVELMURUGAN S Mathematics[Science]
86 Pre-PhD/17/0122 INDRA Computer Science[Science]
87 Pre-PhD/17/0123 PAVITHA P Commerce[Management]
88 Pre-PhD/17/0124 A.VIDHYA Physical Education[Education]
89 Pre-PhD/17/0126 BHARATHI M Physics[Science]
90 Pre-PhD/17/0127 M.KAMATCHI Management[Management]
91 Pre-PhD/17/0130 MIR ASHIQ HUSSAIN Chemistry[Science]
92 Pre-PhD/17/0131 SEVUGAMOORTHY B Computer Science[Science]
93 Pre-PhD/17/0132 CHANDRASEKAR P Education[Education]
94 Pre-PhD/17/0133 ARUNA PRIYADHARSHNI S Nanoscience & Technology[Science]
95 Pre-PhD/17/0134 SUMATHI. E Management[Management]
96 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0135 PUNITHA A Education[Education]
97 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0136 SEVUGAPPRIYA K Commerce[Management]
98 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0137 NAGALAKSHMI N Corporate Secretaryship[Management]
99 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0138 N.SENTHILKUMAR Education[Education]
100 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0139 FLORALJEYA.S Education[Education]
101 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0140 JASLIN EBENEZER J D Education[Education]
102 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0142 G.KALAIMATHI Zoology[Science]
103 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0144 PADMANABAN P Education[Education]
104 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0145 MANJUTHA S Economics[Arts]
105 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0146 JASLIN EBENEZER J D Education[Education]
106 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0147 RAJESH KUMAR G Computer Science[Science]
107 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0148 BENAZIR BEGUM English[Arts]
108 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0149 DHOULATH BEGUM S Education[Education]
109 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0151 ELAVARASI C Computer Science[Science]
110 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0152 SAYED GULZAR GANAI Economics[Arts]
111 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0153 S RAMALINGAM Special Education[Education]
112 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0154 VINODHINI S Physics[Science]
113 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0156 RAMACHANDRAN K Energy Science[Science]
114 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0157 SATHISH KUMAR R Botany[Science]
115 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0158 M.RATHI MEENA Management[Management]
116 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0159 HUSSAIN AMEENA BEEVI .I Tamil[Arts]
117 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0160 A.AMALA ARUL REJI Computer Science[Science]
118 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0161 JAGANMAYEE MISHRA Education[Education]
119 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0164 A.VICTOR BENEVENT RAJ Computer Science[Science]
120 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0165 S. ANANDASRINIVASAN Mathematics[Science]
121 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0168 SHEIK AYAZ AHAMED S English[Arts]
122 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0169 ANGEL Mathematics[Science]
123 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0170 SHAIK SHAKEEL Management[Management]
124 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0171 SARAVANAN P Tamil[Arts]
125 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0172 K SREEKANTH Management[Management]
126 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0173 NITHYA. R Microbiology[Science]
127 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0174 SELVASITHIYA I Mathematics[Science]
128 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0175 JOHN KENNEDY Computer Science[Science]
129 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0176 SELVASITHIYA I Mathematics[Science]
130 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0177 SATHIYAVANI P Tamil[Arts]
131 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0178 KAMALLA TAMILSELVAM Special Education[Education]
132 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0179 SARAVANAN P Computer Science[Science]
133 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0180 STELELA A Tamil[Arts]
134 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0181 KALPANA V English[Arts]
135 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0182 ADAIKALA JEYA A Education[Education]
136 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0183 BINDI KANNAN Bioinformatics[Science]
137 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0184 MANOCHITHRA Commerce[Management]
138 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0185 SANGEETHA P Commerce[Management]
139 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0186 M MUTHUKUMAR Commerce[Management]
140 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0187 ANITHA V Tamil[Arts]
141 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0189 VINOTHINI V Mathematics[Science]
142 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0191 PRAKASAN MAVILA Library & Information Science[Arts]
143 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0192 ANUSIYA DEVI A Botany[Science]
144 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0193 P. SUGANTHI Physics[Science]
145 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0194 MOHANDAS A English[Arts]
146 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0197 INDHUMATHI K Computer Science[Science]
147 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0198 VIJAY KUMAR BOYIDAPU Physics[Science]
148 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0199 SHAJI.K.A.THEODORE Computer Science[Science]
149 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0200 HEMA.S English[Arts]
150 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0201 AMALA SHINY A Computer Science[Science]
151 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0202 KALAVIN MALAR Tamil[Arts]
152 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0203 MANGAIYARKARASI V Corporate Secretaryship[Management]
153 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0204 MOHANASUNDARAM.K Tamil[Arts]
154 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0206 YASHVINDER KAPIL Special Education[Education]
155 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0207 SURYA Chemistry[Science]
156 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0208 UMA MAHESWARAN Mathematics[Science]
157 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0210 AHAMED HARIS Commerce[Management]
158 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0211 JACKULINE A Tamil[Arts]
159 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0212 SANKAR GANESH Management[Management]
160 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0214 M BALASURENDRAN Computer Science[Science]
161 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0215 KOWSIKA B Commerce[Management]
162 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0216 S.SYEDSAFI Computer Science[Science]
163 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0217 SAHAYA AMALARAJ L Mathematics[Science]
164 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0218 ROOSO T Management[Management]
165 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0219 M. MURUGAN Zoology[Science]
166 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0220 M.S. RAJAN Zoology[Science]
167 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0221 BLESSY BOAZ Computer Science[Science]
168 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0222 SAMEER AMDEKAR Management[Management]
169 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0223 JEYANTHRA Tamil[Arts]
170 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0224 VANITHA.R Biotechnology[Science]
171 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0225 DEVANATHAN J Botany[Science]
172 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0226 AMBIKA S English[Arts]
173 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0227 PONGURU G K Mathematics[Science]
174 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0228 SHABNAM J Zoology[Science]
175 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0231 MOHAMMED AMEER HUSSAIN Physical Education[Education]
176 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0232 M PREMKUMAR Physical Education[Education]
177 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0233 KANNAMMAI AL Tamil[Arts]
178 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0234 SHOBANA S Management[Management]
179 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0237 TAMILARASI.G Computer Science[Science]
180 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0238 PRIYA Computer Science[Science]
181 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0239 ESWARI N Computer Science[Science]
182 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0240 WILLIAM ROBERT P Management[Management]
183 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0241 KALAISELVAN C Management[Management]
184 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0243 DEEPA SHETTY Commerce[Management]
185 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0244 JEYASARAVANAN Computer Science[Science]
186 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0246 KAMALINI A Biotechnology[Science]
187 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0248 PRIYA Biotechnology[Science]
188 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0249 SEETHALAKSHMI.K Computer Science[Science]
189 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0251 K.GURUSAMY Chemistry[Science]
190 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0252 ARUNSIVA R Management[Management]
191 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0256 M. ANTONY AROKIA MARY English[Arts]
192 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0258 ARUL JOTHI. P English[Arts]
193 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0259 R RAMASAMY Botany[Science]
194 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0261 P.MURUGADASAN Education[Education]
195 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0263 JABASTELLA D Tamil[Arts]
196 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0264 M KRISHNAVENI English[Arts]
197 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0265 KOKILA N Mathematics[Science]
198 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0266 PRIYA S Education[Education]
199 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0268 S MARUTHU PANDIAN Physics[Science]
200 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0269 M.POORNIMA Computer Science[Science]
201 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0270 TAMIL ILAKKIYA .R History[Arts]
202 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0271 SRINIVASAN R Management [Logistics Management][Management]
203 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0272 A ANANCIA GRACE Chemistry[Science]
204 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0273 ARUNPANDIAN S Computer Science[Science]
205 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0274 ARAFATH HASAN Computer Science[Science]
206 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0275 JAYAPRAKASH P Computer Science[Science]
207 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0276 G.SHALINI Bioinformatics[Science]
208 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0277 SUDARVIZHI.S Management[Management]
209 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0278 SUGANYA S Computer Science[Science]
210 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0279 SUJATHA Bank Management[Management]
211 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0280 BANGARUPRIYANGA S Geology[Science]
212 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0281 ARUL BASKAR.A Management[Management]
213 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0282 BASKARAN T Library & Information Science[Arts]
214 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0283 KULANDAI THERESA A History[Arts]
215 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0284 GENERALCHAKRAVARTHI A History[Arts]
216 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0285 SURESHKUMAR V Physics[Science]
217 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0286 POOVALINGAM B Bank Management[Management]
218 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0287 RAJAM G English[Arts]
219 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0288 D AROKIA SUNDAR RAJ Physical Education[Education]
220 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0289 S.MURUGESWARI Tamil[Arts]
221 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0290 G. UDHAYA SANKAR Physics[Science]
222 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0291 STALIN V English[Arts]
223 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0292 SARAVANA DEVI. P Physics[Science]
224 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0293 VISHNU R Physics[Science]
225 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0294 R. SARAVANAKUMAR Mathematics[Science]
226 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0295 P RAMESH English[Arts]
227 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0296 K MANOSAKTHI Physical Education[Education]
228 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0297 N.DEEPALETCHUMI Computer Science[Science]
229 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0298 PARGUNAN S Botany[Science]
230 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0299 VINOTH KUMAR.R Computer Science[Science]
231 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0301 KUMAR K Tamil[Arts]
232 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0302 SUVETHA. K Microbiology[Science]
233 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0303 GANDHEESWARI S Bank Management[Management]
234 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0304 MARIMUTHU L Education[Education]
235 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0305 RAJESHKUMAR Library & Information Science[Arts]
236 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0307 B.SUKANYA Management[Management]
237 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0308 SENTHIL KUMAR M Commerce[Management]
238 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0309 K.SARASWATHI Women||s Studies[Arts]
239 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0310 S R MANOJ SURIYA Management[Management]
240 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0311 V.S. RAJKUMAR Zoology[Science]
241 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0312 BHAVANA C. RAHANGDALE Bioinformatics[Science]
242 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0314 KANAGA M Management[Management]
243 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0315 S SANGAVI English[Arts]
244 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0317 JAWAHARLAL K Library & Information Science[Arts]
245 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0318 THANGAMALAR T Tamil[Arts]
246 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0319 NARENDRAN R Computer Science[Science]
247 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0320 AMUTHA P Tamil[Arts]
248 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0321 BHUVANESWARI J Bank Management[Management]
249 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0322 MURUGESWARI R Physics[Science]
250 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0323 DURGA S English[Arts]
251 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0324 JAIN KURIAKOSE Physical Education[Education]
252 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0325 AMPETHRAJ S Tamil[Arts]
253 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0328 ABIR BISWAS Bioinformatics[Science]
254 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0329 N. MADHANA PRIYA Bioinformatics[Science]
255 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0330 KAMALA V Zoology[Science]
256 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0332 MALAI RANI P Chemistry[Science]
257 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0333 S. MADHUMATHI Bioinformatics[Science]
258 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0334 K. CHELLADURAI Computer Science[Science]
259 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0335 DINESHRAJ S Physics[Science]
260 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0336 SUMESH PP Rural Development[Arts]
261 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0337 AYYANAR K Library & Information Science[Arts]
262 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0338 THANGARAJ A Commerce[Management]
263 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0339 PRIYADHARSAN K Computer Science[Science]
264 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0341 RAJESHPRAVEENKUMAR P Education[Education]
265 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0342 SWARNA LAKSHMI P Management[Management]
266 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0343 ARUL PRAKASH J Education[Education]
267 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0344 BALAJI V International Business[Management]
268 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0345 RAMACHANDRAN R K Management[Management]
269 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0347 M.SANGEETHA Tamil[Arts]
270 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0348 P RAMESH Bank Management[Management]
271 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0349 SIVA P English[Arts]
272 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0350 UTHAYAKUMAR B Botany[Science]
273 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0351 NANCY A Education[Education]
274 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0352 P RAMESH Energy Science[Science]
275 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0353 ARAVAZHI History[Arts]
276 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0354 PAZHANI V Mathematics[Science]
277 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0355 S VIKRAM Botany[Science]
278 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0356 GOMATHIBALA S Tamil[Arts]
279 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0358 N.ILAKKIYA Computer Science[Science]
280 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0359 M.ARUMUGAM Oceanography & Coastal Area Studies[Science]
281 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0360 MANJU English[Arts]
282 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0361 S NATHIYA Chemistry[Science]
283 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0364 ARCHANA DEVI R Botany[Science]
284 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0365 DEEPA R Mathematics[Science]
285 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0366 LAKSHMANAN P Commerce[Management]
286 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0368 SYAM S A Bioelectronics & Biosensors[Science]
287 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0369 SHANMUGAVELU J Physics[Science]
288 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0370 M.JAYALAKSHMI Chemistry[Science]
289 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0371 JAMES OBETH Microbiology[Science]
290 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0372 BALADEVI M Commerce[Management]
291 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0373 R.UMAGANDHI English[Arts]
292 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0374 S.SANGEETHA Chemistry[Science]
293 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0377 S LATHA Library & Information Science[Arts]
294 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0378 R SENTHILKUMAR Education[Education]
295 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0379 VIGNESH R Nanoscience & Technology[Science]
296 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0380 GOVINDARAMAN N R Computer Science[Science]
297 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0382 S.CYNTHIA Education[Education]
298 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0383 LINGASAMY Computer Science[Science]
299 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0386 ANGALESWARI D Commerce[Management]
300 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0387 C M MADHU Management[Management]
301 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0389 ANU N Mathematics[Science]
302 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0390 A CATHRINE JENITTA Bioinformatics[Science]
303 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0391 DHANU Mathematics[Science]
304 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0392 N.NIVETHITHA Economics[Arts]
305 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0393 N. KEERTHANA Bioinformatics[Science]
306 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0395 PANNEER SELVAM P Library & Information Science[Arts]
307 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0397 PRACHI SINHA Management[Management]
308 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0398 J. VISUVASAM Mathematics[Science]
309 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0399 VIMALARANI.M Tamil[Arts]
311 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0404 GOWTHAM SESHADRI R International Business[Management]
312 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0405 ARYA B LAL Library & Information Science[Arts]
313 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0406 A VEERALAKSHMI English[Arts]
314 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0407 PUSHPALAKSHMI V Mathematics[Science]
315 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0408 S. SHAIK DAWOOD Management[Management]
316 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0409 PRIYANKA M Tamil[Arts]
317 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0410 KALYANI C Tamil[Arts]
318 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0411 RAJAKUMARI M Commerce[Management]
319 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0412 NAGAJOTHI Computer Science[Science]
320 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0414 THARANI B Tamil[Arts]
321 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0416 M KUMARAGURU Physical Education[Education]
322 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0417 MAGESHWARI .V Biotechnology[Science]
323 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0419 SIVARAMALINGAM K History[Arts]
324 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0420 G.SAGUNTHALA Animal Health & Management[Science]
325 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0421 KALAIVANI.S Animal Health & Management[Science]
326 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0422 DHANAM T Tamil[Arts]
327 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0423 MEHALA R Computer Science[Science]
328 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0425 SOUNTHARYA P Commerce[Management]
329 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0426 VENGADESSAPEROUMAL Library & Information Science[Arts]
330 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0427 RAVEENDRAN S Computer Science[Science]
331 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0428 GEETHA.P Education[Education]
332 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0429 BLESSIA T English[Arts]
333 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0430 SUGASHINI Commerce[Management]
334 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0431 VIDHYA.S English[Arts]
335 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0432 PERINBAMMAL M English[Arts]
336 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0434 KALIDHASAN M Management [Logistics Management][Management]
337 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0435 SHARMILA MB Management[Management]
338 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0436 MANIMANNAN V English[Arts]
339 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0437 GAYATHRI R Computer Science[Science]
340 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0438 SANTHI G JAIDEV Management[Management]
341 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0439 SUGANTHI JENIFA S English[Arts]
342 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0440 PRAVEENA S Computer Science[Science]
343 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0441 BHARATHIKANNAN M Education[Education]
344 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0442 GAYATRI RAJENDRA KACHH Biotechnology[Science]
345 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0443 RAJA PUGALENTHI M Physics[Science]
346 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0444 VELSANKAR K Physics[Science]
347 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0445 R.SEKAR Library & Information Science[Arts]
348 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0446 VEERAPANDI G English[Arts]
349 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0447 RAJA V Physical Education[Education]
350 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0448 VASUKI K T Tamil[Arts]
351 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0449 ANANTHABABU R Physics[Science]
352 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0450 RAJANI R Computer Science[Science]
353 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0451 INDIRA K Mathematics[Science]
354 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0452 KARTHIKEYAN S Computer Science[Science]
355 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0454 KARTHIK R Botany[Science]
356 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0456 VELMURUGAN M Education[Education]
357 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0457 CHITRA DEVI. M Mathematics[Science]
358 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0458 CHANDRA SEKAR.R Management[Management]
359 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0459 SREEKANTH.N Management[Management]
360 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0462 KANAKA Mathematics[Science]
361 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0463 DHIVYA.M.C Mathematics[Science]
362 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0464 GOVINDARAJ P Physics[Science]
363 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0466 V.D. GEORGE Management[Management]
364 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0468 C.MEENAKSHI History[Arts]
365 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0469 B GOVINDAMMAL Mathematics[Science]
366 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0470 P RAMADEVI Physics[Science]
367 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0471 VIJEYA V Physics[Science]
368 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0472 RAMESH D Commerce[Management]
369 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0473 VIJAYALAKSHMI Commerce[Management]
370 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0474 MANJULA DEVI International Business[Management]
371 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0475 NITHYA DEVI K Computer Science[Science]
372 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0476 MERSIYA S English[Arts]
373 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0477 MUTHUVIJAYARAJA Computer Science[Science]
374 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0478 SABARINATH R English[Arts]
375 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0480 JAYABALAKRISHNAN V Education[Education]
376 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0481 PRABHA S Mathematics[Science]
377 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0482 SUTHAKARAN K Computer Science[Science]
378 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0483 T.PRIYADHARSHINI Physics[Science]
379 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0484 RUBA.N Physics[Science]
380 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0485 P MENAKA Nanoscience & Technology[Science]
381 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0486 ANNALAKSHMI.T English[Arts]
382 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0487 SAVARI RAJEEV.A Physics[Science]
383 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0488 R.RAMYA Home Science[Science]
384 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0489 IMRANKHAN V Education[Education]
385 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0492 SRINIVASAN L Management[Management]
386 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0493 VANITHA P Corporate Secretaryship[Management]
387 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0494 RATHIKA English[Arts]
388 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0495 PERIYASAMY M Molecular Biology[Science]
389 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0496 R SOUNDAR RAJ English[Arts]
390 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0497 NIRMALA RANI M English[Arts]
391 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0498 MATHANA Chemistry[Science]
392 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0499 M LALITHA English[Arts]
393 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0500 SAGAYA BENCY S English[Arts]
394 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0501 VIGNESHWARAN M Political Science[Management]
395 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0503 THANGARAJ N Physics[Science]
396 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0504 JOSHI J Computer Science[Science]
397 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0506 PRENITH P C Bank Management[Management]
398 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0507 SURIYAKALADEVI K English[Arts]
399 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0508 PANCHATCHARAM A English[Arts]
400 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0510 IRFIN FATHIMA S Home Science[Science]
401 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0511 UMA MAHESHWARI S English[Arts]
402 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0512 S.RAJA SHAJAHAN Chemistry[Science]
403 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0514 SENTHURAPANDI G Tamil[Arts]
404 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0515 MEGALA S Tamil[Arts]
405 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0516 LAKSHMI G Special Education[Education]
406 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0517 ANTONYCARLA Mathematics[Science]
407 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0520 BHARATHI B Commerce[Management]
408 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0521 GAYATHRI R Education[Education]
409 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0522 DEEPA B Mathematics[Science]
410 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0523 UDAYAN A Physical Education[Education]
411 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0524 RAMACHANDRAN.S.P Physics[Science]
412 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0527 SONIYA A Physics[Science]
413 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0528 SANTHOSH KUMAR K Physical Education[Education]
414 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0529 RAMYA K English[Arts]
415 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0530 ILAVARASI Y English[Arts]
416 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0532 R SATHIYA Commerce[Management]
417 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0533 KRISHNAPRABHA S English[Arts]
418 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0534 ASHOK KUMAR P Tamil[Arts]
419 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0535 R PRICILLAL Library & Information Science[Arts]
420 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0536 SARAVANAN M Commerce[Management]
421 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0538 PRIYA.M History[Arts]
422 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0541 VIJAYAKUMARI S Computer Science[Science]
423 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0542 VIJAYARANGAN R Physical Education[Education]
424 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0544 ABIRAMAKRISHNAN P Computer Science[Science]
425 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0545 GOVINDARAJ S Computer Science[Science]
426 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0546 RADHA Computer Science[Science]
427 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0547 SENTHAMIL SELVAN. G Chemistry[Science]
428 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0548 A VIJAYA Tamil[Arts]
429 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0549 MUTHULAKSHMI Mathematics[Science]
430 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0550 BANUPRIYA N English[Arts]
431 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0551 MARUTHAMUTHU M Energy Science[Science]
432 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0552 SAKUNTHALA DEVI S Chemistry[Science]
433 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0553 PARVATHY.G Physics[Science]
434 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0554 MAREESWARI A Computer Science[Science]
435 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0556 UNAICY S Education[Education]
436 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0557 PRADHEEPA S Chemistry[Science]
437 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0558 R. LOGALAKSHMI Microbiology[Science]
438 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0559 K.PALANIMURUGAN Management [Logistics Management][Management]
439 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0560 SUTHANTHIRA JOTHI D English[Arts]
440 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0561 SUSMITHA K Chemistry[Science]
441 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0562 MICHELRAJ. S Bioelectronics & Biosensors[Science]
442 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0563 M.SIVAKAMI Computer Science[Science]
443 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0564 SUBBIAH N Commerce[Management]
444 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0565 RAJA M Library & Information Science[Arts]
445 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0567 PADMALEKHA V M Education[Education]
446 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0568 MUTHAMIL SELVI S Tamil[Arts]
447 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0569 K RAJESHWARI Chemistry[Science]
448 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0570 VIJAYAKUMAR A Microbiology[Science]
449 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0571 SNEKA SRI M Botany[Science]
450 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0572 J.KAVITHA Education[Education]
451 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0573 KANIMOZHI Biotechnology[Science]
452 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0575 A.R. SURESH Mathematics[Science]
453 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0576 K HEMALATHA Commerce[Management]
454 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0578 RAGHAVAN V English[Arts]
455 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0580 GNANAMANI A English[Arts]
456 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0581 SENDHILKUMAR K Physical Education[Education]
457 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0582 GAJENDRA K Physical Education[Education]
458 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0583 VANTHANA SREE G Nanoscience & Technology[Science]
459 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0585 JUSTIN DIRAVIAM A English[Arts]
460 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0586 N.SELVAM Tamil[Arts]
461 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0588 SASIKALA M English[Arts]
462 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0590 VIJAYA K English[Arts]
463 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0591 A.RAJALAKSHMI Physics[Science]
464 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0592 A MABLE JASMINE SHOBHA Commerce[Management]
465 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0593 PRASATH K Computer Science[Science]
466 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0594 M.ELACKIYA Zoology[Science]
467 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0595 A.JEYABHARATHI Physics[Science]
468 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0596 JACQULIN SHEEBA M R History[Arts]
469 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0597 MATHIVANAN S Physical Education[Education]
470 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0598 SHABNASHMI P.S Biotechnology[Science]
471 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0599 R.LAKSHMI PRIYA Special Education[Education]
472 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0600 MANAS RANJAN SAMANTARAY Energy Science[Science]
473 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0601 MEERA S Computer Science[Science]
474 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0602 N JEYAVENKATESAN Management [Logistics Management][Management]
475 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0603 INDIRA DEVI M English[Arts]
476 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0604 PARAMESWARI R Commerce[Management]
477 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0606 SATEESH GORIKAPUDI Computer Science[Science]
478 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0607 THILLAI ESWARI Computer Science[Science]
479 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0608 REVATHY BAMA Education[Education]
480 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0609 RAJIYA MAVADHA T C English[Arts]
481 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0610 M.EBANAZAR Education[Education]
482 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0611 PRADEEP.K English[Arts]
483 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0612 SARGUNAPATH R Library & Information Science[Arts]
484 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0613 KALAIMATHI G Zoology[Science]
485 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0614 MANIKANDARAJA S Tamil[Arts]
486 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0616 LOGBABU M Library & Information Science[Arts]
487 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0620 JAYASHREE Education[Education]
488 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0621 SOUNDARYA K Computer Science[Science]
489 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0622 RAJAMMAL M Microbiology[Science]
490 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0623 R.KANIMOZHI Computer Science[Science]
491 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0624 JEYACHITRA M Tamil[Arts]
492 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0626 A.JAYACHITRA Commerce[Management]
493 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0627 VIJAYALAKSHMI Commerce[Management]
494 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0628 SATHIYAPRIYA.S Mathematics[Science]
495 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0630 PORCHELVI K English[Arts]
496 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0631 AMBIKA DEVI N Physics[Science]
497 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0634 PRABAKARAN P History[Arts]
498 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0636 KARUNANITHI D Education[Education]
499 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0638 SENTHILKUMAR Computer Science[Science]
500 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0639 VINITHA K English[Arts]
501 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0641 K SUGANYA Chemistry[Science]
502 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0642 KANNAN Physics[Science]
503 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0643 R.KALIAMMAL Physics[Science]
504 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0644 MUTHULAKSHMI R Tamil[Arts]
505 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0645 AVINASH KUMAR JHA Biotechnology[Science]
506 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0646 MALARKODI. D English[Arts]
507 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0647 THIRUMALAYA BALARAMAN Physical Education[Education]
508 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0649 SELVAMALATHI. M English[Arts]
509 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0650 KUMARAMANIMARAN S Physical Education[Education]
510 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0651 T. VEMBARASAN Physical Education[Education]
511 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0652 SUGANYA R English[Arts]
512 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0653 LURTHASAMY Physical Education[Education]
513 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0654 PRIYA A Tamil[Arts]
514 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0655 M RAMYA Mathematics[Science]
515 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0657 KATHIRESAN K Physical Education[Education]
516 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0658 A.ABARNA Physics[Science]
517 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0659 TAMIZHARASAN U S E Tamil[Arts]
518 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0660 SRIVIDYA SRINIVASAN Management[Management]
519 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0661 SUTHA A Commerce[Management]
520 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0662 Y.VIJAYA Management[Management]
521 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0663 PONNALAGU G Tamil[Arts]
522 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0664 ELAKKYA M Mathematics[Science]
523 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0665 G KANNAGI Chemistry[Science]
524 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0667 P.SARITHA Bioinformatics[Science]
525 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0668 JOTHIMUTHU M Commerce[Management]
526 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0669 MUKILAN U S E Tamil[Arts]
527 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0670 MALATHY Computer Science[Science]
528 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0673 MATHINATHULHAJIRA Mathematics[Science]
529 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0674 P MAHADEVAN Education[Education]
530 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0676 KARMEGAN S Computer Science[Science]
531 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0678 LEVEL J Special Education[Education]
532 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0679 VIDYA A Management[Management]
533 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0681 K.R.REKHA Fine Arts[Arts]
534 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0682 BEAULA SHU Management[Management]
535 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0685 K AMIRTHAM Tamil[Arts]
536 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0686 M.SIVAKUMAR Library & Information Science[Arts]
537 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0688 LAVANYA A Library & Information Science[Arts]
538 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0691 PADMAVATHY K G Physics[Science]
539 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0692 S.NASRIN Computer Science[Science]
540 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0693 D S PRASAD Commerce[Management]
541 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0694 KISHORE KARRA Management[Management]
542 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0695 KARTHIGA.R English[Arts]
543 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0696 VIJI.R Biotechnology[Science]
544 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0697 ARULMOZHI V Energy Science[Science]
545 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0698 ALAGURANAI R Tamil[Arts]
546 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0700 NAGARAJAN M Management[Management]
547 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0701 NARENDRAN KANDASAMY Computer Science[Science]
548 Pre-PhD/AUG17/0702 KARUPPANNAN M Tamil[Arts]